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frequently asked questions

do you have a physical address I can visit?

I would love to meet you but I work from an in-home studio so let's set up a meeting first!

do you design anything other than weddings?

of course! I will design any event-- just ask me to see if I'm available.

I also design for portrait and magazine shoots and can install dried florals in your home or business.

do you design with silk flowers?

no, for sustainablity reasons, I do not.

there are also many other benefits to fresh florals.

what's your zodiac sign?

virgo. I am 100% a virgo.

can I bring my fiance/mom to the consultation?

absolutely! no question about it!

do you design for styled shoots?

let's talk. hit up my dm's!

do you ever hire employees?

I will hire part-time freelance workers based on workload. if you'd like to be put on my list, send me a quick email and we can talk!

what should I do to prepare for my consultation with you?

I recommend emailing me 2-3 screenshots of bridal bouquets prior to us meeting. this will give me a good base idea of what you're looking for and we can build off of it. 

I have an off-white dress, will that clash with my white flowers?

girl, I'm saying this with love- you are overthinking it. planning a wedding is stressful enough that you shouldn't worry about this. I can explain why in your consultation!

what other hidden talents do you have?

I am actually a classically trained solo and orchestral harpist of 18 years. need some more ambiance for your wedding day? I've got you. 

do you have any items for rent?

yes! we have an ever growing stash of rental vases and arbors, just ask about them in your consultation and we will send you the catalog.

how did you get started in the floral industry?

I started out like most-- my college job was in a cute, successful, local flower shop. Where I learned and grew in more than just my design skills. The rest is history.

if you are Grace, who is Olive?

Olive is a metaphor. traditionally, the olive branch has stood for peace so Olive brings a sense of hope to my business-- a hope for the future. 

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