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servicing the Sioux Falls Region-- all of South Dakota and the surrounding states

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do you have a location I can visit?

I work out of an in-home studio, so while I would love to meet you, please set up a meeting with me first!


my event isn't in Sioux Falls-- will you travel to me?

you bet! the first 50 miles outside of Sioux Falls come with complementary delivery! if your event is further away than that, send me a quick email to find out delivery pricing. I'm not afraid of a little roadtrip!


how does your pricing work? if I'm on a strict budget, will you be willing to work with me?

I build all my contracts according to the specific needs of my clients-- I don't believe in "packages" or "one-size fits all." if you only want a bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere or if you want the whole space covered in flowers, don't hesitate to reach out! I will accommodate you!


do you do events other than weddings?

yes! absolutely! whatever your event might be, fill out my contact form on this website and let's see what we can come up with!


what should I do to prepare for my consultation with you?

maybe you are super organized and have everything planned already, you don't have many details figured out for your event or simply don't know where to start, no worries! come with a few ideas and maybe a screenshot or two of bouquets you like and we can go from there!


do you ever use silk 

I do not design with silk flowers and here is a short list of why I don't:

- I believe in running my business in a sustainable manor, therefore, I only source fresh flowers that can decompose completely and give back to nature in which they came. 

- fresh flowers really, truly, will look 100x better in the photography of your event.

- by using fresh flowers, you can responsibly dispose of them after your event and they won't be hoarded in your basement or storage unit for years to come.


if you are Grace, who is Olive?

olive is not a person but rather a metaphor. throughout history, the olive branch has stood for peace. by using olive in my company name, it provides a sense of hope to the future. peace&grace, if you will.