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custom beaded hat bands with dried florals

we've teamed up with Squeak over at Squeak's Bronc Reins to make custom beaded hat bands for your favorite lid

these are hand made from the patterns that Squeak designs himself right down to the florals that Gracie G attaches the leatherwork


let us create something for you from our different levels listed below that will be a lasting statement piece for your felt hat and will keep those heads turning when you walk by

fill out the contact form below or email Grace at to get yours started today

The Original

From our original collection but far from ordinary, you can have your own custom design for any occasion. 

$150 plus tax

The Bridal

As if you weren't going to already-- you will absolutely own your wedding day with a custom beaded hat band in your own custom bridal colors. The finishing touch to your most noteworthy ensemble.

$250 plus tax

The Calamity Jane

for the daredevil in all of us

$225 plus tax

Florals Only

maybe you just want a floral clip to attach to your existing hat band-- Grace has you covered!


pricing varies on size


The Space Cowgirl

to meet all your "out of this world" vibes-- get an over the top & over the moon custom beaded hat band with the dried florals to match.

$300 plus tax

Beads Only

if dried florals aren't your thing, let Squeak make you a custom beaded hat band anyway-- it'll be a statement in itself!

pricing varies on pattern


Hat Band Order Form
Pick a hat band level --

Thanks so much!

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